Laser Hair Removal Education

Laser Hair Removal is WAY better than waxing

Why wax when you can get brazilian laser hair removal and have all the hair gone forever for almost the same price as it would cost to have it waxed? The laser removes the hair follicle forever, leaving you with a gorgeous body, no lines, no hair, no razors and no razor bumps. Imagine never having to buy razors or worry about bringing it with you on a vacation again!

At the start of each session, the laser settings are tailored to your skin color, type, and the area to be treated. The laser targets the darkest spot, so if your hair is darker than the color of your skin, you are a good candidate.

Any hair above the skin surface will be trimmed away, and tests on different areas will be carried out to determine how your skin responds to different device settings. Light energy is emitted in pulses, heating the hair and slightly burning the root, so that the hair cannot regrow.

Most people feel very little discomfort during the treatment, though you may notice a tingling or pinching sensation.

You may notice some redness which normally fades within an hour, this is actually a desirable indication that the hair root has responded well to the hair removal treatment.

There is no downtime, you can get it done on your lunch break and be back to work within an hour.


The laser light targets the darkest spot it comes into contact with, so if your hair is darker than the color of your skin you are a perfect candidate.

  • Try to avoid the sun for 4-6 weeks before your treatment, or use a good sunblock on the area you will be having lasered.
  • Sunless tanning products should also be avoided.
  • Don't pluck or wax the area for about 3 weeks before coming in for a laser treatment. The laser will only target hairs that are in the follicle.
  • Shave the day before or the day of treament. If you need your back shaved, I'll shave it for you for an extra $25. Just let me know.
  • Do not use lotion, deodorant, makeup or perfume. The aluminum in deodorant may prevent an effective treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Facts

How It Works

Light at a specified wavelength is delivered from a laser onto the skin where it targets dark material (usually the pigment in hair).

How Much Hair Will It remove?

Each treatments kills about 20-30% of the hair.

Does it Hurt?

It feels like a rubber band being snapped against your skin.

About My Laser

The LightSheer is a new form of laser hair removal which uses the new diode laser. It has shown to be a great and successful method for permanent hair reduction.