About Lose It Now Laser

My name is Kim Nuessle and I offer the best deal on laser hair removal treatments in Phoenix, AZ. Lose It Now Laser uses technologically advanced laser hair removal at a fraction of the current market cost. We use one of the best laser hair removal machines out there, the Lightsheer ET.

I started this business so that I could make laser hair removal affordable for everyone.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal:

  • It's non toxic
  • It's far less painful than waxing
  • It only removes the hair follicle, nothing else
  • Extremely cost effective compared to a lifetime of buying razors
  • Go on vacation and wake up feeling sexy everyday
  • It actually gives the sebacus gland more room to let toxins out of the body and some men have noticed a reduction in acne after laser hair removal

From Kim:

I finally decided to try laser hair removal and I couldn’t believe the freedom I felt afterward. I had been freed from that embarrassing hair monster that I had worked so diligently to hide. I now had the freedom to wear bikinis and shorts without having to shave my legs the morning of. No more razor burns or ingrown hairs, I was truly free. With laser, the reduction of hair is noticeable after the first treatment; there are no prickles in a day or even a week.

The hair after each treatment gets thinner and grows back slower if at all. It’s absolutely amazing! After experiencing the freedom of not having to worry about embarrassing body hair, I knew I wanted to help others experience the same thing.